I’m the product of 1987…

Over the past few years of my life I’ve changed dramatically. I’ve gotten married, changed jobs (several times), gotten pregnant, and found that not only do I love being creative – but crafting brings out the best in me.

I feel more happy and satisfied when I’m making something than I do when I work, or try (for the billionth time) to give school a shot. I really still have no idea what I plan on doing with my life… and for now that’s ok with me.

I am so excited to become a Mom and I can’t even believe how lucky I am that I have a loving husband and family to back me up and support me. Hopefully while experiencing my little guy grow and change throughout his life I will figure it out… while I grow and change right along with him.

I thought I would call this blog 1987 – since that’s the year I was born… and this is the year that I bring someone else into the world. Prisspot was a start – but now I’m going to take it up a couple notches and try harder than I did before to somehow make something of myself.

So in the mean time check out my old blog and stay tuned for whatever may come my way.


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