The Blue Guys

During one of my many school attempts that I told you about previously – I decided I wanted to go to school for Graphic Design.

Those were probably the most successful school days of my life… however I just couldn’t do something I loved that much for a living. I still have the Adobe Creative Suite 2 on my little Apple laptop that my Grandparents got me for school. I’m guessing the programs I have are a little outdated – but they still work for what I need them for.

This was my most recent attempt at Illustrator.


I once went to a birthday party… which is where I grabbed this idea from. At this party several of the kids had a simple sticker that said “From, Jeremy.” (Jeremy is my husbands name by the way… I did have our little ones name in there – yes we have chosen it – but its TOP SECRET! ) But these stickers were kinda plain… yet still cute in a little kid kinda way.

So I thought I would make a sticker that was not only cute – but could also be used in several places – for more than just throwing away at a birthday party. However, I am thinking of making some for gifts to…

What do you think about my little blue guys?


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