Hot or Cold?

I guess I got past just thinking Christmas…

I have scraps and scraps of fabric with which I’m making a scrap quilt out of – it’s still a work in progress! But in an attempt to practice my quilting skills I ended up making something instead of just wasting fabric like I thought I would do.


With the remainder I  made some hot/cold packs with some very cute fabric and learned some pretty decent quilting skills in the process. After making the first one I ended up making 3 more. They only take about 30 minutes or so per pack – although I haven’t filled them up yet, or whipstitched the opening. It was super fun matching the different fabrics with each other to make the cool and refreshing combos I came up with. The backs of them are pretty awesome to… but I didn’t any pictures – if I do I’ll post them!


I already have one pack that I use all the time now that I’m pregnant – but these are so much cuter I think I’ll replace my old one with one of these…



These are so easy and simple they would make perfect gifts! I’m going to put rice  – and then some lavender to kill the rice smell a little… plus lavender is so relaxing and wonderful. Another good thing is that they are pretty much free to make since you just use the scraps from fabric you’ve already used. I’m so excited about these and I honestly can’t wait to make some more!


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