Polka Dot’s Rock

I was thinking of how I would love a little notebook to scribble down my many ideas – since I always just write them on random sheets of paper…then lose them. Which is never a good thing. Here’s how to make it…

Get 6 sheets of paper – which ends up giving you a 20 page book… you could always put a couple more sheets in if you wanted. One of the sheets is used for the cover. Sew together a couple scraps that are the exact size of the paper – and then sew that piece to the cover.


Then stack all the other sheets underneath the cover and sew them all together straight down the middle. Then fold it down the seam – and BAM you have a little notebook! Simple, easy and handy all at the same time.



I think it would be really cute to have a set of these for ideas. Each time I fill one up I think I’ll make a new one with scraps from whatever fabric I’m using at the moment. It’ll be a nice reminder of how I’m feeling at the time… since how I feel usually reflects from the fabrics I choose. I hope you guys enjoy – and make some of your own!



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