My Work in Progress

The scrap quilt that I mentioned before has still not found time in my busy schedule to get worked on and completed. I desperately want to get this done so I can scuddle up to the tv, with the laptop on my lap… and relax – so I guess I’ll just have to squeeze time in, sometime in the near future.


Its very colorful and bright – but I’m not sure it will be beautiful. I really am still learning how to quilt and I’ll be sure to post the finished project ASAP! 🙂


Not only do I have the quilt to finish – for selfish reasons… but I also need to make a quilt for mister new baby on the way and whip up a new stocking for him to have at Christmas. In between working, and searching for a new home to live in, (yes we are going to be buying a new house – and I am totally stoked about it), but I also need to find a way to live through the end of this pregnancy. Bear with me guys… and pray that I make it.


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