Elf Stitchette

I have been blown away by the amazing patterns at Sublime Stiching and I’ve been dying to buy one of the kits!

But before I do that I wanted to try my hand at a pattern I already had to see how easy this whole embroidering thing is. I found this pattern at WeeWonderfuls and have never had a reason to use it until now…for the babies stocking! Of course I haven’t actually finished the stocking yet – but the embroidery for it is all done… so I wanted to go ahead and show it off!

P1030556 by you.

The robot is just to cute… I’m not like some crazy robot fan – but I do think they have a certain something about them that just makes you want to smile. I sure do hope this little blue one makes my tiny one show me his little baby gums… although I don’t know if he’ll really be smiling to much by Christmas – but a Mom can only hope.

P1030555 by you.

P1030557 by you.

and the complete picture – which is a little blurry….

P1030554 by you.

I think that I have a good excuse to buy the Ultimate Kit from Sublime Stitching now… don’t you think?


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