Lovely White Buttons

With the help of some very lovely white buttons I found in my button stash I was able to make some super cute and useful napkin rings!


I had the napkins laying around from the beginning of my pregnancy when I thought there might be a little girl in my belly… with the intention of them being some light weight burp cloths. I have to admit though – they work out much better as napkins… and in my opinon go perfectly with these rings!



I think the buttons seriously make the napkin rings though… seeing how the napkin rings themselves aren’t even close to being a perfect match to one another. They each have a bit different width (which I’m not quite positive on how that happened… since I used the same pattern for each), and the lines are far from straight. I also had to use 2 different styles of buttons – but I think they flow pretty well together!


I’ll post the pattern as soon as I get it uploaded so you can make some your self! They were super easy to do… and I hammered on some snaps to close them – which makes for a really easy (no-sew) way of finishing them up! Enjoy!


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