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Mr & Mrs Panda

I was looking back on some of my old posts and realized that I never uploaded the files for Mr. and Mrs. Panda! Feel free to download these pdf files and print them out on some magnetic paper for a fun paper doll for your little ones to play with!



A while back I even made some cool stuff for them to hang out with, like a picnic blanket a surf board and a car! So feel free to download and use those as well! Enjoy!




Mr. & Mrs.

I was thinking about how paper dolls are cute and fun… and then thought about how magnetic paper dolls could be even more fun! Only I decided that dolls were a little boring – and normal… so I made the amazing Mr. & Mrs. Panda.


They have clothes already… but I’m not sure they’re quite cool enough. Still a work in progress – but I think they’ve got a little something special about them.

Real Life Coloring

I got this idea 100% from The Mamadramalogues (which is a super cute blog by the way), when it was posted on One Pretty Thing.

I downloaded the PhotoScape program – which is FREE! – and got to work. I’ve only done a couple pictures so far… and I haven’t tried printing them out yet… but I plan to! I love just sitting around and coloring while watching tv – so now I actually have something to color other than a bubbly animal sitting there looking cute.



I think I’m going to make a couple for my little cousin – (the one pushing my dog in the stroller… haha) because I think she’d really like them a lot! I have a ton of pictures of her with me, Jeremy and Baxter – so it’d be a very cute little coloring book collection! 🙂

Snail Mail Cuteness

I know it may seem like an digital overload from all these posts today – but I haven’t had much else to do. For any of you that are still into snail mail – here are a couple cute address labels I’ve been working on.


I’m pretty excited about these to… and its super cheap to print stickers – so I’m all set for some cute mail. I’ve just got to get to writing to some letters so I can use them!

The image is a little blurry and I’m not sure why… but you get the general idea.

From: Baxter

So I was thinking more about those gift labels – and decided to whip up a couple. These are really super plain… but I actually really like them. Let me know what you think!


I’m thinking of posting these on my etsy site along with the ones from earlier – and maybe some different colored ones for the ladies out there?! Of course I will make it so they can be personalized… because not everyone has a Jeremy or a Baxter to love! (Baxter is my dog… haha)

The Blue Guys

During one of my many school attempts that I told you about previously – I decided I wanted to go to school for Graphic Design.

Those were probably the most successful school days of my life… however I just couldn’t do something I loved that much for a living. I still have the Adobe Creative Suite 2 on my little Apple laptop that my Grandparents got me for school. I’m guessing the programs I have are a little outdated – but they still work for what I need them for.

This was my most recent attempt at Illustrator.


I once went to a birthday party… which is where I grabbed this idea from. At this party several of the kids had a simple sticker that said “From, Jeremy.” (Jeremy is my husbands name by the way… I did have our little ones name in there – yes we have chosen it – but its TOP SECRET! ) But these stickers were kinda plain… yet still cute in a little kid kinda way.

So I thought I would make a sticker that was not only cute – but could also be used in several places – for more than just throwing away at a birthday party. However, I am thinking of making some for gifts to…

What do you think about my little blue guys?