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New Mugs

While browsing I have been finding some very cute mugs and I have added a few to my etsy account! Check them out!


Mr & Mrs Panda

I was looking back on some of my old posts and realized that I never uploaded the files for Mr. and Mrs. Panda! Feel free to download these pdf files and print them out on some magnetic paper for a fun paper doll for your little ones to play with!



A while back I even made some cool stuff for them to hang out with, like a picnic blanket a surf board and a car! So feel free to download and use those as well! Enjoy!



Thrifty Finds

While browsing some thrift stores recently, hoping for some great idea to come to me for decorating I found some really cool vintag-ish finds!

All of these items are available in my etsy shop! Sometime in the near future I’ll be working on some items to make and sell there, I just haven’t gotten there yet.

A Colorful Array of Thank You’s

I wanted to personally be able to thank everyone for the gifts I receive from my baby showers I have coming up – and I couldn’t think of a more personal way than to make my own thank you notes!


So I whipped out my little letter stamps I had – that I got for only $1.00 at Michaels a while back… and my box of blank notes. I also got an amazing deal on the note cards which were only $10 for a box of 200 notes with envelopes from target… plus they came in several different colors!



I hope everyone enjoys their thank you’s as much as I enjoyed making them! And I hope they all know how grateful I will be for any help I get on the many baby supplies that a new mom needs!

$1.99 Find

My sister came to visit me this past week and we decided to go browse Michaels wood section to find something to paint. Luckily for me they had a clearance section – which is always my best friend when shopping. I was just planning on painting a plain little picture frame… until I saw this! And only for $1.99!


So of course me being pregnant with nothing else on my mind but baby – decided this would be my project! And let me tell you… those letters took much longer to paint than you would think! Haha. Here’s the end result…



I’m thinking of stopping to see if they have any more because they would make great little gifts! I also had the idea of painting all the letters of the kids name in a seperate color? I think it would be an awesome learning tool!