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Get Ready.

So I’ve been away for quite a while with the awesome excuse of having a tiny one at home who requires a tremendous amount of attention… as he should. Life has been busy – and a bit lonely at times. I’m left wondering what to do with my time? So instead of wondering I have decided that I should probably get my much loved sewing machine out of its box and get back to what I love to do most… outside of being a new mom. Craft, create.

Only sewing isn’t the only thing I have to focus on. I will be 23 in only a few short weeks, and other than being a wife and mom I don’t have much to be proud of. I still have a very long life to live and lots of time to truly figure out who I am and what I want to be… but now is as good of a time as any to get it started. I have begun weight watchers, along with my wonderful hub – who has decided to lose right along with me.

Cooking. Something else I have to learn to master – or at least improve. I don’t have much of a desire to cook food, food – I get much more of a thrill baking yummy treats and desserts. However, with a diet hovering over me every second of the day desserts aren’t exactly what I need to be focused on. But regardless of that fact, I am still quite obsessed with browsing yummy recipes and watching the food network all hours of the day. HGTV slips in fairly often as well, which leads me to my next goal.

Decorating. Since I’m home and have all this time on my hands I think its about time to start making my home a bit more “homey.” I’ve been flickering it up a LOT. I have so many ideas floating around in my head I don’t even know where to begin, or when to stop and focus on any one thing. So along with being who I already am I have crafter, cook, and designer up my sleeve – non of which I plan to take to, to seriously. But I do plan on having a bunch of fun while trying to figure each of them out.

So I’m getting myself ready for an exciting year – which I’m sure is going to just zoom by. But its already the end of January and I have nothing to show for myself or my time. Its time that I kick it up – about a thousand notches.

Get ready!


Tiny Mister

He’s in there and he still has about a month til he’s ready to come out… so I have about a month more of being miserable! Until then I won’t be blogging much… but please check back after November because I’ll be back and ready to go! 🙂


Maraschino Lovin’

I was having some serious cravings for some maraschino cherries this week… so I got some – and ate them! Haha. They were delicious!


26 Weeks

Actually 25 weeks and 4 days in this picture… but tomorrow I hit the 26th week! Only 2 weeks away from the big bad 3rd trimester! I can’t even believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by – and at the same time how much longer I have to wait until I get to meet my little man.


In the past week I’ve felt hiccups for the first time, experienced pain in my ribs – and kicking in them all at the same time, been able to see my stomach move from outside of my shirt when he kicks real hard… and celebrated  my 3 year anniversay with my wonderful husband. Its been a pretty dang good week.

Now if I could just get my craft on…

She’s Lovely in Converse

My sister came to visit me this week – and I already broke out the camera for a photoshoot. She has started to grow up so fast and its crazy how much she seems like a teenager now instead of just a girl. I think I’ll always treasure the times we spend together this summer since as of right now she thinks I’m “totally awesome”… or so she says.



Although her cartwheel isn’t quite perfect… she certainly gets an A for effort.