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Sepia Photography

I love sepia and black and white photography. Most of the pictures I take actually start out in color, but with the help of programs like photoshop and photoscape they transform into amazing pictures. With my new baby at home all I seem to want to do is take his picture. Here are a couple close ups that are simple yet beautiful… in my opinion.

And here are a couple from our Christmas photo shoot.  I know the santa hat is quite a bit big on him but I had to work with what I had on hand. I’m not big on professional photos – so I whipped out the camera and tried to capture the best first Christmas shot I could. I have such a cooperative baby! Haha.


She’s Lovely in Converse

My sister came to visit me this week – and I already broke out the camera for a photoshoot. She has started to grow up so fast and its crazy how much she seems like a teenager now instead of just a girl. I think I’ll always treasure the times we spend together this summer since as of right now she thinks I’m “totally awesome”… or so she says.



Although her cartwheel isn’t quite perfect… she certainly gets an A for effort.



Real Life Coloring

I got this idea 100% from The Mamadramalogues (which is a super cute blog by the way), when it was posted on One Pretty Thing.

I downloaded the PhotoScape program – which is FREE! – and got to work. I’ve only done a couple pictures so far… and I haven’t tried printing them out yet… but I plan to! I love just sitting around and coloring while watching tv – so now I actually have something to color other than a bubbly animal sitting there looking cute.



I think I’m going to make a couple for my little cousin – (the one pushing my dog in the stroller… haha) because I think she’d really like them a lot! I have a ton of pictures of her with me, Jeremy and Baxter – so it’d be a very cute little coloring book collection! 🙂