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Black and White and Pink all over…

Whats black and white and pink all over? The new quilt I’m working on. I’ve already made a few mistakes that I’m not going to easily be able to fix… but I’m still learning. I have many more quilts to go before I will consider myself a “quilter”. Here’s some of the fabric I chose. Its all from Joann Fabrics so its not expensive good quality fabric.

After I get a bit better at piecing it all together I plan on getting some awesome fabric – like these donkeys in rainboots  which I found while looking at the filminthefridge blog, or these adorable cassette tapes! So anyway here’s my best try at quilting – which hopefully I can work on finishing by next week?!


Lovely White Buttons

With the help of some very lovely white buttons I found in my button stash I was able to make some super cute and useful napkin rings!


I had the napkins laying around from the beginning of my pregnancy when I thought there might be a little girl in my belly… with the intention of them being some light weight burp cloths. I have to admit though – they work out much better as napkins… and in my opinon go perfectly with these rings!



I think the buttons seriously make the napkin rings though… seeing how the napkin rings themselves aren’t even close to being a perfect match to one another. They each have a bit different width (which I’m not quite positive on how that happened… since I used the same pattern for each), and the lines are far from straight. I also had to use 2 different styles of buttons – but I think they flow pretty well together!


I’ll post the pattern as soon as I get it uploaded so you can make some your self! They were super easy to do… and I hammered on some snaps to close them – which makes for a really easy (no-sew) way of finishing them up! Enjoy!

My Work in Progress

The scrap quilt that I mentioned before has still not found time in my busy schedule to get worked on and completed. I desperately want to get this done so I can scuddle up to the tv, with the laptop on my lap… and relax – so I guess I’ll just have to squeeze time in, sometime in the near future.


Its very colorful and bright – but I’m not sure it will be beautiful. I really am still learning how to quilt and I’ll be sure to post the finished project ASAP! 🙂


Not only do I have the quilt to finish – for selfish reasons… but I also need to make a quilt for mister new baby on the way and whip up a new stocking for him to have at Christmas. In between working, and searching for a new home to live in, (yes we are going to be buying a new house – and I am totally stoked about it), but I also need to find a way to live through the end of this pregnancy. Bear with me guys… and pray that I make it.

Polka Dot’s Rock

I was thinking of how I would love a little notebook to scribble down my many ideas – since I always just write them on random sheets of paper…then lose them. Which is never a good thing. Here’s how to make it…

Get 6 sheets of paper – which ends up giving you a 20 page book… you could always put a couple more sheets in if you wanted. One of the sheets is used for the cover. Sew together a couple scraps that are the exact size of the paper – and then sew that piece to the cover.


Then stack all the other sheets underneath the cover and sew them all together straight down the middle. Then fold it down the seam – and BAM you have a little notebook! Simple, easy and handy all at the same time.



I think it would be really cute to have a set of these for ideas. Each time I fill one up I think I’ll make a new one with scraps from whatever fabric I’m using at the moment. It’ll be a nice reminder of how I’m feeling at the time… since how I feel usually reflects from the fabrics I choose. I hope you guys enjoy – and make some of your own!


Hot or Cold?

I guess I got past just thinking Christmas…

I have scraps and scraps of fabric with which I’m making a scrap quilt out of – it’s still a work in progress! But in an attempt to practice my quilting skills I ended up making something instead of just wasting fabric like I thought I would do.


With the remainder I  made some hot/cold packs with some very cute fabric and learned some pretty decent quilting skills in the process. After making the first one I ended up making 3 more. They only take about 30 minutes or so per pack – although I haven’t filled them up yet, or whipstitched the opening. It was super fun matching the different fabrics with each other to make the cool and refreshing combos I came up with. The backs of them are pretty awesome to… but I didn’t any pictures – if I do I’ll post them!


I already have one pack that I use all the time now that I’m pregnant – but these are so much cuter I think I’ll replace my old one with one of these…



These are so easy and simple they would make perfect gifts! I’m going to put rice  – and then some lavender to kill the rice smell a little… plus lavender is so relaxing and wonderful. Another good thing is that they are pretty much free to make since you just use the scraps from fabric you’ve already used. I’m so excited about these and I honestly can’t wait to make some more!

Christmas in July

So my wonderful husband SURPRISED me with a new sewing machine! I’m so ready to start sewing I can barely stand it – but first I need some fabric. I’ve been browsing etsy for the past couple days looking for something perfect. I’ve found a lot of cute stuff – but for some reason the only ones that are calling my name are Christmas fabrics?!


Michael Miller’s Holiday Hostess


Alexander Henry’s Holiday on Ice in Black


Michael Miller’s Green Holiday Skaters

I’m planning on making us some very cool and unique stockings… and with all these fun fabrics to choose from I know they’ll be awesome!

I’m going to be using this elf stocking pattern for inspiration… but I think I’ll be making a couple adjustments to make it just right. I’ll be sure to upload the pattern I end up using whenever I make it! 🙂