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my little griffin has been crawling for a little over a week now… but in the past few days he’s gotten fast! i love watching his little tush wiggle back and forth as he tries to get to something he can’t have. i don’t know what it is about wires and magazines that fascinate him?! he tugs on the wires and tries to eat the magazines… after ripping the pages out. 2 weeks ago i was so excited for this big moment in his life and now i wish that i had just a little more time. but let me tell you a crawling baby is a happy baby.

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New Mugs

While browsing I have been finding some very cute mugs and I have added a few to my etsy account! Check them out!

Baby Griffin

My perfect baby boy…8 lbs 2 oz 20 1/4 in long born on Nov 12th, 2009. I’m in love.